How To Keep Your Personal Care Items Coupons Organized

How To Keep Your Personal Care Items Coupons Organized

Every day we use our personal care products like shampoo and soap. The smart consumer will collect coupons to help save on the recurring cost of buying new personal care supplies. But keeping track of coupons can be a difficult task. Finding all of your newspaper cut-outs, internet printouts, and grocery store receipts and coupons are overwhelming at times. In order to maximize our savings, we need to effectively use all of the coupons we get. To do so, we have to keep our coupons organized.

There are several different strategies for proper coupon organization. The first is a chronological organization. Since coupons come with expiration dates, organizing coupons in the order they expire will ensure that you don’t miss out on a chance to save money. One downside to this strategy is that if you run out of a particular product, you will need to dig through your stack of coupons to find one for the item you want to buy. On the other hand, the chronological strategy lets you keep all of your coupons in one easy-to-access stack.

Another strategy is the item organization. With this method, you divide the coupons into product categories. For example, you can have shampoos in one category, soaps in another, and lotions in a third category. The benefit of this organization method is that you can efficiently find a coupon for a particular item. If you run out of soap, you can quickly find your soap coupon stack and a corresponding coupon. To further organize, you can order the item stacks by date of expiration.

The downside to having a stack for every item is that instead of one simple pile, you have two, three, or more stacks depending on how you categorize things. Having so many stacks can increase space requirements if you keep your coupons on the kitchen counter or on your desk. Taking over half the kitchen with coupons is not very convenient.

There are several ways to get around this, especially if you are an avid coupon collector with many coupons. One method could be to use some folders, such as the manila folders found in office supply stores. Using one folder for each item category will allow you to place the folders on top of one another while storing them. Another option is to get a small binder with dividers for each category.

However, the downside to binders or folders is that you might forget about them. There’s no point in keeping coupons if you don’t use them because they are out of sight. Thus, the best method is simply keeping coupons on the fridge with magnets, where they are easily seen. You can still organize them chronologically or by category if you wish, pinning a different stack for each item. Happy shopping (and saving!).