8 Factors to Consider when Shopping for a Bluetooth Earphone

8 Factors to Consider when Shopping for a Bluetooth Earphone

These days, having a Bluetooth enabled earphone has become very common. Bluetooth is a wireless technology that connects many devices with each other wirelessly; some of the examples are laptop, smart-phones and portable speakers. If you are looking forward to getting yourself your first Bluetooth earphones, then the tips below will help you in getting a good one.


An earphone is such a product, the usage of which cannot be determined beforehand. If the usage of the headphone will be most of the time as hands-free, then you need to look for one that has the noise cancellation and wind reduction features. It must have a microphone in its front. But if you are planning to use it for listening to music on the move, then having it with an ear hook is a much comfortable option.

Battery Life

Anything that goes wireless must have a good battery backup. This help in extended usage time and avoids the hassle of charging it more often. It’s best to know the battery backup duration before finally purchasing it. After a full charge, the device should run for at least 6 to 10 hours.

Sound Quality

Mono headset, as the name suggests is used in one ear only and is mainly used for making and receiving calls when connected to a mobile device. Quality of the sound usually is not a matter of concern as its primary usage is limited to calls only.

The best headset for listening to music is the stereo headphones which are now also used to receive and make calls.

Multiple Pairing

Can the headset be connected to multiple devices? Is yes then it supports multiple pairing. Such headsets can connect to a phone, laptop as well a table all at the same time.

Voice Command

Controlling the headset with voice is very popular these days. This feature enables you to pair the device, check battery level or connect incoming calls and more through voice command. It simply makes using the headset more easily.


Out of all the factors mentioned until now, comfort is the most important one. When you purchase a headset, you will have to feel comfortable using it. It’s something that will be sitting on or in your ear for long hours.  The fitting options available are earbuds, head strap and around the ear.


This means to what distance the headset will support connectivity wirelessly with the phone. Long-range support will enable you to move more freely without having to carry your phone much. Average range support is approximately 33 feet. There are even options up to 350 feet, but this comes at high costs.


Keeping your budget in mind, you can always buy the headset of your choice using a discount coupon. If your budget is high then opt for the best sound quality else there are many options to select from in all price range. Above are some of the factors that you should look into when shopping for your first Bluetooth earphone.