Shop more using Free Coupons

Shop more using Free Coupons

Anyone who has shopped online knows what a coupon is all about. Coupons are free and anyone can use it to get a discount on their purchases. Above all, you get to save money without having to spend anything for a coupon.

Apart from simple coupon with a specified value, there is also something called a double coupon. Under this offer, the store doubles the default value of the discount. This is applicable with some stores that do double and your coupon’s word is twice the actual amount.

There is always a catch to every offer that goes beyond the face value. For instance, the store might put a ceiling to a double coupon like if you have a coupon with the face value of $10 and one more with a face value of $20, then the store might restrict the maximum discount value to $25. Here what happens is that you will get full double value for $10, but when you try to use the $20 coupon, the max discount will be $25 and not $40.

There are even some stores that will also triple the coupon value. But this happens very rarely and you might be very lucky to come across the triple coupon offer.

Since this is a very rare offer, there is usually no restriction or ceiling applied to this and the store actually does triple the coupon face value.

One of the most common practice amount coupon users is called stacking. Stacking is basically using more than one coupon at one point in time. This is possible by using a brand coupon with a store coupon. You will usually get a brand coupon in magazines, mailers and store flyers.

Stacking of coupons this way proves to be a good reason to sign-up for a store mailing list. The main reason for signing up; being to get a coupon that can help you save money.

Every reputed store has a loyalty program. These programs basically provide loyal or regular shoppers with some benefits. Members are issued loyalty membership cards so that they can get the benefit of special sales that will be applicable to members only.

Every coupon has a validity period after which it cannot be used. But there are some stores that will also accept an expired coupon. Stores generally do not accept expired coupons but may do so as an exception based on your relationship with the store in terms of loyalty or even on the total value of products that were purchased for which you are trying to use the expired coupon.

Stores sometime will also accept coupons for other stores in an attempt to grab customers. The value of these coupons might even be doubled as a marketing strategy; giving you extra discount that you would not have received had it been used in the other store. This offer is usually for a very short time and the news is spread by the word of mouth. Using a free coupon will always save you some money. In addition to this, if you are able to follow the above tips, the saving can be doubled and you might just be able to buy what you want in your budget.